Saturday, September 28, 2019

Public Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Public Law - Essay Example This Act covers Great Britain matters on equality powers and has continued to fight for legislation anti-discrimination instead of a single act. This is because of power-sharing disagreements in the government. The equality law has failed since it has only produced a collision between competing equality strands. However, there must be better ways of resolving conflicts between faith-based and sexuality- based equality rights. In this regard, this essay will expound on equality law failure having produced collision between competing equality strands and better ways of resolving conflicts between-faith based and sexuality-based equality rights, in reference to the British case-law and wider international academic debate. British case law and wider international debate The British case law adopts an integrated and unitary perspective of equality law which in enforced by the commission. It also clarifies various definitions of victimization, discrimination and harassment which it applies as well as expands positive duties on public authority in terms of authority. Therefore, equality law having in reference to the new single equality Act in Britain. It will also base on the struggles outcome between competing ideologies and different interest groups. The first generation of British was under formal equality, where it demanded â€Å"that likes must be treated alike†. ... Additionally, the increase of equality and diversity is significant in the sense that it raises questions of conflicts with human rights commission. In this subtopic, the essay will set out general principles, as well as an approach to policy and equality law conflicts. Evidence to be used will be Equality Act 2006 and recent Equality Act 2010 which has established a less or more cross-ground legislative comprehensive framework which forbids discrimination on basis of protected characteristics. This will also include some of the grounds that are covered under the European Law. Power sharing disagreements Power sharing disagreements have evolved quickly within a short episode of time. This subtopic will argue on the ground that power should be shared on both sexes. This issue has imposed a huge debate on courts in regard to British case law and wider international debate which does not contain any direct protection against power sharing agreements. However, it aims at achieving modern ization, harmonization and simplification on equality law. This is in relation to several principles that declare the right to equality in all sexes and equal protection in terms of discrimination regardless of sex. The state gives a full effect on the right to equality in all its activities. Additionally, there must be no hierarchy of equality. The law does not expect women and disabled people to be treated the same way as men. Evidence will be from Discrimination Act of 2008 , British Act. Discrimination challenges Every individual has a right to treated equally and fairly. This sub-topic will explain some of the challenges that indiscrimination offers in reference to the right of individuals to fight for compensation in case of unlawful discrimination in tribunal and industrial

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