Saturday, September 21, 2019

Everyone should get check-ups regularly Essay Example for Free

Everyone should get check-ups regularly Essay Through time people have become more and more afraid of physicians. This results in fewer and fewer doctor or dentist visitations. This is not a good habit to fall into. Everyone should get regular doctor and dentist check-ups. The reason for this is to prevent loss of teeth, diseases, and many other things. Firstly, if you started to loose your teeth this would be a very unattractive thing. Many people try to pull this look off and they just cannot do it, very much like the mullet. Why not just go to the dentist every six months for a regular check-up and have your teeth cleaned, x-rayed, and examined so you do not have to have your food in smoothie form because you cannot chew your food with your two teeth. Some more motivation to go to the dentist might be that with those two teeth chilling with all those gums you do not have a very good chance getting a date, a girlfriend, or a wife, unless the girl you are seeing only has two teeth also, then in that case it is all good. Secondly, you should not just wait until you get sick to go to the doctor. You should go at least once a year for a full physical and check-up. Many people let it go until it is too late. This is the case for many things like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lung disease, glaucoma, macro-degeneration, and cancer. These are diseases that cannot be let go, and if let go, could cause death, blindness, or other more severe diseases. Many of these diseases can be eliminated or slowed down if caught at an early stage and may save or extend your life just by getting regular check-ups and physicals. Thirdly, men and women should both go and see their respective genital doctor. Many lives could be saved every year if men and women alike would go get these check-ups to avoid getting testicular cancer, which is becoming more and more prevalent, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, which men can even get, and other diseases which are tied together with peoples private parts. No one should be ashamed or scared to go and see these doctors; no one  should ever be ashamed or scared to try to keep and maintain him or her a healthy body and lifestyle. In conclusion, everybody, grab your wallets, HMO cards, blue cross ? blue shield cards, and head to your nearest dentist or doctor to get your check-ups and physicals. You do not have to hardly anything but sit there and smile. So, open your mouth, stick out your tongue, bite down on this, lift your arms over your head, turn your head and cough, lift up your shirt, drop your drawers, touch you toes, look into the light, and brace yourself Ethel cause that stethoscope is kind of cold. And please do not forget to brush your teeth and before you go to any of these places because dentists and doctors like to see you but do they really need to smell you as well?

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