Saturday, August 3, 2019

Essay --

Yossarian is faking his illnesses to avoid the war. While he’s in the hospital he is required to censor letters and he will joke and censor just about anything he reads and signs off as â€Å"Washington Irving†. A Texan comes and eventually annoys everyone back into active duty. Yossarian notices that he is the only one who is concerned with the war and claims that everyone is trying to kill him. Everyone else denies that there is a war going on. He later finds out that his Colonel has raised the number of required missions from 45 to 50 when Yossarian was at 44. Orr talks to Yossarian about how he used to walk around with crab apples in his mouth. A general named Peckem hopes to take over command of Yossarian’s unit because the current general is failing at bringing enthusiasm to his subordinates. Yossarian feels sick but Daneeka instead sends him back and recommends acting like Havermeyer, who is a soldier that makes the most of every situation Yossarian talks with Daneeka whose problems are that the war is interrupting his medical practice. Yossarian interrupted educational meetings resulting in a rule that only people who don’t ask questions could ask questions. Private first class Wintergreen caused frustration among his superiors by giving a message out that only said â€Å"T.S. Eliot†. Yossarian listens to Doc Daneeka’s story about newlyweds who visited his office. Yossarian again attempts to get grounded by claiming he was crazy, which of course proved that he wasn’t. Hungry Joe has flown all of his missions and he is still not allowed to go home because the number of missions keeps rising. Orr attacks Appleby in a game of Ping-pong. Yossarians pilot, McWatt is described in this chapter as the â€Å"craziest combat man† because o... ... go through with the plan. Orr and Yossarian realize Milos amount of control as he is the mayor and even god in some countries. Nately Yossarian and Hungry Joe arrive in rome where they meet up with Nately’s prostitute. Nately argues with an old man about how America and Italy were doing in the war. Milo’s company has grown world wide but has a problem selling massive amounts of Egyptian cotton. He was surprised when Yossarian brings the idea of selling it to the government. The chaplain is miserable because no one will treat him as a regular person. He tries to help by seeing major major about the missions but he wont allow anyone in. After Colonel Cathcart periodically throws him out, he begins questioning everything even god. Nately falls in love with his whore while she is annoyed with him. Yossarian and Dunbar change identities but are caught by the Nurses

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